Sportsbook watchdogs, Email Blasts and Updates

This past month, business has been great. So great that we had to hire 2 more staff members to help us take care of our client load as well as we having time to add new features to the BlindMonkeyMedia Costa Rica directory.

To show you how busy we have been, just this past week we have completed 6 websites which include:

  • A sportsbook watchdog website
  • An online pharmacy website
  • An Online Directory
  • A Forex Trading website

On top of that we had completed 3 programming contract that includes

  • A dating event software
  • An Online Store
  • Forex Trading Software

So far, we have several projects we are currently working on for the month of October, 2011 which include:

An auto-dialer

  • A new directory website
  • Email Blasts
  • 3 new websites

As part of our directory website contract, we have added a few n...

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Costa Rica Descuentos

cra_logo_175x126Another project over with. This last one is Costa Rica descuentos which is a discount/coupon/promocions type of website for Costa Rica.

This particular website, took a lot of work as the website is very complex in terms of programming since it has well over 10 programming extensions.

It took us about 7 days to complete and we are please to say that it’s owner is quite happy with the website.

Now, we get to look forward to next week when we attempt to finish 3 more projectst!

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Latest Costa Rica Website Design is Done!

The last couple of weeks have been crazy with many new clients for Costa Rica Website Design work along with some marketing and SEO.
The Bloom

We have just finished with two projects which are: Christian Retreat Resorts and The Bloom which are two websites that are more or less by invitation only at the moment for churches and Christian Associations.

Both websites are tailored to provide a retreat for Churches and Christian groups with option to rent or buy cabins and properties.
Christian Retreat Resorts

In terms of difficulty level, the design was at a medium level and the programming was light except for one item where the owner wanted some of the users to have the ability to add articles and upload images.

At the moment we are still working on the Cigarrillo Electronico Costa Rica webs...

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Website Design Work in Costa Rica Update

Here is a quick update to fill up space about the work we have been doing lately in relation to Website Design in Costa Rica.

quequeque-150x150The Que Magazine Costa Rica website is done and live. If you like to read interesting, funny and witty articles than this is one site you need to check out. For this site, we used a Joomla template and added so many features to it that we don’t remember them all.

In other news, we have a couple of project we are currently working on which involves an electronic cigarette website for Costa Rica.

This last one is a bit of a surprise as it relates to the online sports betting industry...

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Demand for Costa Rica Real Estate Websites

realestate-150x150These past 6 months our company has begun to see an increase in demand for Costa Rica real estate websites which is quite interesting to see as it fits right in with Spring.

Yes, according to real estate studies, Spring time is suppose to be when more people are looking to buy real estate Costa Rica thus, in turn making people want to get a real estate website up and ready in time for Spring.

After working for many years in the Costa Rica website design market, we have come to notice that every industry has a season when people are looking to redo their website.

For example, usually around May or June, that is when online sports betting companies start to contact us and that is usually our busy season.

Hopefully, we will be able to cash on some action for the real estate industry!

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