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The Virtual Office Option

Recently, our team has been thinking about giving up our marketing and SEO office in San Jose, Costa Rica for a virtual office.

The reason being that 97% of our staff are never in the office.

Most of us telecommute from home and the only person that is ever in the office is a receptionist during work hours and security guard at night. Telecommuting is great and essential to our business since most of our staff is located in the U.S. and the Philippines.

Being an online marketing company, we have no need for an office since most of our clients are online clients.

On top of that, our offices are only used to meet clients so we probably only use the office 2 to 3 times a week since the majority of the time we go to our client’s office.

This is why we have been toying with the idea of having...

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New MSN Live Search Algorithm Censors Keyword Results

In the past few weeks, MSN has been doing a lot of changes to its search algorithm and adding features to its SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

For one, MSN Live Search is now a bit more interactive to a user’s search giving more options like adding a news link and asking if it was useful.

These little extra features are a nice little addition to their search engine;however, its the other addition to ther search engine results that are a bit disturbing.

MSN Live search has now decided to that they will decide what its users can search for and even change the original keyword used in a search by a user.

For example, if you do a search for “online marketing services” you will get this message:
MSN Live Search Results for

Obviously, MSN Live Search has decided that this keyword is not i...

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BlindMonkeyMedia Just Partenered with

And so, after being in business for less than 4 months, BlindMonkeyMedia is having to expand due to the high volume of demands.

this past month has been very busy for our Company since the number of work request has increased tremendously. Due to this, we are not able to take on all of the request and we actually had to charge higher rates in order to filter out the requests.

This led to us partnering with, a company that offers, Diseño grafico costa rica or graphic design in Costa Rica We have known the owner of that company for a few years and we chose him as a partner to take on some of the graphic and website design workload off of our shoulder because he makes excellent work in a timely manner.

At the moment, we are handling the SEO work demand load but we are sti...

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Yeah, Google Just Did a page Rank Update

Looks like Google just did a page rank update last night. Nice to know that all of our hard work paid off and after 3 months of work we now have a google page rank of 3!

Next update should be in about 4 months and our goal is to get a pange ranking of 5!!!

Wish us luck

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