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Block Blog Spam Comment Post – Popular Spam Terms

For anyone that has a website, blog or forum that is tired of receiving hundreds of spam comments in the blog, this post is for you. Like the rest of you, we do have a large amount of spam that gets caught in our filter(We used to have to sort through about 3000 spam comments a month and now we are down to only 100 a month! ) which is great but when one day, you decide to sort all of the comments from you filter, it does take an hour or two to do it which is time that could be used for better things.

The funny thing about this is that most blogs use a “nofollow” tag on all blog comments which does not help their SEO. So the spammers are either morons or they are just hoping that your blog gets a lot of traffic and hope someone will click on their link.

The annoying part is that it if y...

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SEO Backlink Tips

As my team of SEO experts create quality and valuable backlinks for our clients, we noticed a trend which is concerns us in terms of the SEO industry as the backlinks that other people create are very poor in quality and have no ranking value.

We usually would not be giving out SEO back link tips but as SEO companies create bad and useless backlinks, this effects the whole industry and makes the SEO industry look like a bunch of charlatans and ripp-off artists.

SEO companies have to realize that they have a responsibility when it comes to providing SEO services as our actions is what defines us a good industry or as a bad one.

Its difficult enough getting clients that are willing to pay our rates but it makes it 100 times harder to convince a potential client to use your SEO services when ...

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Blog Comments SEO Strategy

In the last few months, I have noticed an increase in people leaving spam comments in this blog and a few other blogs that we manage for clients. Here are my thoughts on this.

As an SEO strategy, posting in blog post is 99% of the time ineffective as most blogs have their post set so that all links in the comments area are nofollow. Unless you are trying to get SEO ranking on websites that do not care about that tag then its pretty useless in getting SEO rank.

If you still intend on working the blog comment seo strategy then first do a nofollow check and then, write an actual comment. If you just add a keyword to the blog post and a link to a sex website or a viagra site, its too obvious and its going to get deleted.

If you leave a generic comment like “nice post and check out my site at …...

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The Search for Quality SEO Services is on the Rise!!!

Wow, this month has been incredibly busy a BlindMonkeyMedia. We are trying to finish up several projects and new ones keep coming. Mostly people looking for Quality SEO Services.

Its funny how most of our new clients looking for SEO services are telling me that they have been burned by several SEO companies. Its good because it allows us to give them real quality seo services but its tough because it gives the SEO industry a bad name and it makes them more cautious even with us.

Its interesting that none of them really did any research when hiring an SEO company. Once again, whether you go with our internet marketing consulting company for your SEO services, never forget to study up on SEO and check out their references and work before choosing one.

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Targeting Keywords for a Higher Conversion Rate

So far the month of May has been very busy at BlindMonkeyMedia. In our marketing efforts to gain a higher conversion rate we have stopped targeting general marketing and SEO keywords and begun our efforts to focus our attention on very target specific keywords for each corresponding page.

Our hard work has paid off.

Our number of online marketing services and our Quality SEO services inquiries have double even though our website traffic has decreased by 50%.

If we were a site making money off of Google Adwords for example we would have suffered greatly but since we offer an actual service this is exactly what we were loooking for.

The moral of the story is target the right keywords to gain targeted traffic to your website if you want to get a higher inquiry and conversion rate.

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