About Us

BlindMonkeyMedia – An Online Marketing Company

BlindMonkeyMedia is a company that provides online marketing and SEO services at an affordable price. Our team is made up of 6 blind monkeys that spend a great deal of their time typing away on computer keyboards to give our customers profit making online marketing solutions as well as the top SEO ranking for their websites.

BlindMonkeyMedia started out as a pipedream by several talented individuals that specialized in many different occupations like programming, website designer, marketing managers and many more. These six blind monkeys would work hard for some of the best companies in the world rising in their chosen field but never quite satisfied where it was leading to. Until they decided to band together and open their own online marketing company.

BlindMonkeyMedia has now grown to be an actual corporation registered out of San Jose, Costa Rica and with a telecommuting staff located around the world.