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BlindMonkeyMedia 2017 Recap

blindmonkeymedia 2017 recap

2017 was another good year for  We reached our target goals, picked up a few more clients and got a new partner.  2016 had been a rough year for us which is why we had decided to use a different strategy for 2017.

The new strategy paid off…

One of the main strategy was to get rid of some of our online holdings that were not paying off and were a rain on our resources.  This ended up in selling off 5 of our websites.  On the other hand, we placed more efforts in the affiliate programs we were enrolled into maximize our passive revenue.

We thus acquired a few different brands and partnered with one of the best sports handicapping website in the business.

In terms of clients, we did well with several small accounts and a few  large and long term accounts.

New Client...

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