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bmm_blog_announcement1aLooking for an internet marketing solution? Than look no further as BlindMonkeyMedia can help you get the clients and the traffic you deserve.Online Marketing Solutions Offered by BlindMonkeyMedia:

Full Service Advertising Campaign

Full Advertising Campaign

We will work closely with you to create a winning marketing and advertising campaign that will bring you higher traffic and conversions while at the same time portray what your company is about.

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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Network Marketing is a cost-efficient type of marketing that targets specific groups on internet social media networks.

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Quality SEO Services

Quality SEO Services

Quality SEO Servic...

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New Addition to the Website

blog_online_directory-300x165We have just added an online resources directory to the BlindMonkeyMedia website in order to keep up with the demand for link exchanges. Yes, our webmasters were getting a bit stressed with the demand for people wanting a link exchange so we thought we would just make it on everyone and us.

Our online resources directory is a nice little joomla component that allows users to add details about their company and the nice thing is that the links you add to it are dofollow to also help with your SEO ranking and you are able to add meta tags and images to your directory listing. The only thing we ask in return is that you give us a reciprocal link.

The directory is currently still in Beta stage as we are still trying to figure out what people are looking for in a directory, still adding categor...

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BlindMonkeyMedia Online Marketing Website Update

This past week, our group of blind monkeys have been working our butts off on the BMM (BlindMonkeyMedia) website. We have been adding forms, and a ton text as well as we have began our SEO work for the website.

As a new online marketing company, it is essential that we prove to potential clients that we don’t just preach about how great our services are, but also be able to show them what we do. Hopefully our website will be completely done in a few weeks, and we expect to see our SEO results sometime in February of 2009.

On a good note, we have already began to receive traffic from our marketing and SEO efforts, and have even landed a client here and there!

On a totally unrelated note, here is a fun article about internet marketing consultants, which describes the whole job description ...

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