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How Not to Get Hired

A few day ago, we posted a few ads for a content writing position and we received many responses.  Some were excellent and others were not very good.

This brings me to the point of this blog entry.  How can people expect to get hired for a job if they don’t even put any efforts into applying for a job or even follow directions.

Let me give you an example.  This is what one person sent us:


I am a twenty-four year old Advanced University Student of English language and literature. I’ve been fond of writing for the past seven or more years and am apt at the skill...

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Looking for a Writer

BlindMonkeyMedia is currently looking for a new member to join our team as a writer.

We are looking for someone who can write on demand on any subject thrown at him and that can provide us with the content needed within 6hours after the request has been made(obviously, if you receive an email at 11pm we dont expect it to get it then!)

The job is a contract job that can turn into a full time job for the right candidate and for the first month, you will be asked to provide 5 to 10 articles of 500 words per week at the rate of $0.03 cent per word.

If you are interested, please email

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