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Adding an Internet Store to Your Business

Many companies are now choosing to either ad internet sales as part of their repertoir or simply close all of their stores and only sell products on the internet.

The reasons for businesses going that route are varied from the company going bankrupt and closing all of its physical locations, making it a part of their business plan to increase their sales revenue or because its just cheaper then having a physical store.

For example, I recently read an article on MSN News about Woolworths being revived from the grave by its new owners by selling its products on the internet. That is a classic case which perhaps could have been avoided or at least delayed had it had a larger presence on the internet to start with...

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The Future of Email Marketing is Scary

I was just reading this story about the future of email marketing where Forrester states that by 2014, companies will spend a total of $2 billions in email marketing.

Its great news for internet marketing companies for sure and if the predictions by Forrester are true, internet marketing companies like us should get prepared to catch a piece of the email marketing market.

On the other hand, does that mean its bad news for consumers? Consumers are already bombarded with several hundred promotional emails every week and that could mean bad news for our spam filters.

This said, this could mean a double whammy for BlindMonkeyMedia since we do have a small army of programmers at our disposal that could create a better spam filter to all of these consumers...

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Is an Overwhelming Amount of Work Good or Bad?

As stated in the preivous post, the month of May was a very busy month for us. In fact, it was so busy that we are now at crossroad where a decision needs to be made.

The choices are:

Hire more people – Something we are doing but unfortunately finding young and motivated people is very hard to find.

Inreases our Prices – This solution would weed out the clients but if we did that, we would no longer be as cost-effective as we want.

Reject Contracts – If we did that, we would no longer be overwhelmed but it would mean less money.

Sub-Contract the Work – One option but the problem with sub-contracting is that the quality of the work can go down and will reflet on us.

The point is that business is good...

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Comment Guidelines in This Blog

Here at BlindMonkeyMedia, we are proud that our blog has caught the interest of many. As our blog gets more popular many people love to leave comments and add their website url to their comments.

This is great and we love to visit the website of our visitors. However, I just want to let everyone know that they are some websites we will not accept in the comment sections and these are:

  • Porn Sites
  • Sites that have no real content and are just used for advertising/spamming purposes

Any other site is welcome. Even our competitor’s website is welcome since there is plenty of marketing work for all businesses.

Of course, keep in mind that your comment must be relevant. A simple, “nice site” is not enough for your comment to be accepted.

Cheers and good commenting!

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