Is an Overwhelming Amount of Work Good or Bad?

As stated in the preivous post, the month of May was a very busy month for us. In fact, it was so busy that we are now at crossroad where a decision needs to be made.

The choices are:

Hire more people – Something we are doing but unfortunately finding young and motivated people is very hard to find.

Inreases our Prices – This solution would weed out the clients but if we did that, we would no longer be as cost-effective as we want.

Reject Contracts – If we did that, we would no longer be overwhelmed but it would mean less money.

Sub-Contract the Work – One option but the problem with sub-contracting is that the quality of the work can go down and will reflet on us.

The point is that business is good. Especially the SEO business but now is the time where our decision will decide whether we become one of the great marketing comapnies or stay a small personable company.

Anyway, in our next board meeting this will be one of the items on the agenda.