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Opportunity Analysis for a Bookie Business

Opportunity Analysis for a Bookie Business

Growth opportunities are always available for a bookie business. As a bookie, you have the chance to gain more players or add more betting options. The choice you make depends on several factors. Also, it involves a process called opportunity analysis.

Your bookie business has many opportunities. By using opportunity analysis, you can make the right choice and improve the profits of your sportsbook. For instance, the boom of sports betting in the US provides a lot of opportunities for local bookies.

The sports betting boom affects a lot of sectors, not just the gambling industry. As a result, many businesses can profit from a single opportunity. This is how an opportunity analysis works. Be sure to continue reading our marketing tutorial to learn more about this process.

Benefits of Opport...

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Demystifying Photography

I’m working hard on the BlindMonkeyMedia website, as well as a few other projects, but in my spare time I really enjoy photography.

When my friends see the pictures I take, they quite often exclaim that they should buy a camera similar to the one I’m using. My first instinct is to chuckle.

You see, quality image is not all about gear. You may have the fanciest of the fanciest cameras, but if you don’t know squat about how to use it or how to light your photo then it doesn’t matter.

So does this mean that the latest point-and-shoot cameras will do? Of course they will.  Most professional photographers scoff at point-and-shoots as if they are toys, but don’t mind them.

The only issue with point-and-shoot is the flash...

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