Adding an Internet Store to Your Business

Many companies are now choosing to either ad internet sales as part of their repertoir or simply close all of their stores and only sell products on the internet.

The reasons for businesses going that route are varied from the company going bankrupt and closing all of its physical locations, making it a part of their business plan to increase their sales revenue or because its just cheaper then having a physical store.

For example, I recently read an article on MSN News about Woolworths being revived from the grave by its new owners by selling its products on the internet. That is a classic case which perhaps could have been avoided or at least delayed had it had a larger presence on the internet to start with. Woolworths is a known family store and people really do enjoy going physically going shopping. However, when finances are tight, people will look for bigger bargains and today, this often involves starting with the internet.

That said, I have been noticing a trend of late with many companies dropping their traditional advertising campaigns for internet marketing campaigns this past year. This is probably due to the economy and companies wanting to save money but still get sales.

As a internet marketing consultant, I was also trained in traditional advertising and I have to say that the best marketing campaign is a combination of the internet and tradional methods. Unfortunately, not every company can afford the high prices of traditional marketing methods which is why companies that are trying to adapt and survive the economy are switching to internet marketing.

The whole point of this post is to let unbelievers in the internet to hurry up and add an internet store or service to your business. Not only will it give you extra revenue, it could very well mean the difference between being in the red or in the black.