SEO Backlink Tips

As my team of SEO experts create quality and valuable backlinks for our clients, we noticed a trend which is concerns us in terms of the SEO industry as the backlinks that other people create are very poor in quality and have no ranking value.

We usually would not be giving out SEO back link tips but as SEO companies create bad and useless backlinks, this effects the whole industry and makes the SEO industry look like a bunch of charlatans and ripp-off artists.

SEO companies have to realize that they have a responsibility when it comes to providing SEO services as our actions is what defines us a good industry or as a bad one.

Its difficult enough getting clients that are willing to pay our rates but it makes it 100 times harder to convince a potential client to use your SEO services when they have had many bad experiences in the past from previous SEO companies.

Without further ado here are some basics do’s and dont tips:

  • Do not Use a robot to spam blog comments.
  • When you create an SEO backlink, make sure that it is a dofollow(its ok if its just for branding purposes)
  • Do not use hidden text
  • Make sure that it is a permanent link
  • An SEO backlink is always more relevant when it is part of an article or a phrase.

They are many more but I hope that this will help.