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Yahoo Search Results Are In!

February 22nd, 2009

Well, today it looks like Yahoo has finally decided to give us a ranking for our SEo target keywords in Costa Rica. As you can see, we have increased dramatically in ranking with the yahoo Search Engine and it just keeps getting better. Its too bad that yahoo only owns about 19.9% of the searches done on a daily basis. But I am not complaining!

February 22, 2009
keyword SEO Goal Rank Type Yahoo
online marketing service costa rica M1 1
marketing company costa rica M1 7
affordable online marketing service costa rica S1 1
affordable marketing service costa rica S1 13
affordable marketing services costa rica S1 11
affordable marketing costa rica S1 not top 100
online marketing costa rica M1 3
marketing services costa rica M1 1
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SEO in a Foreign Language

SEO is a fairly straight forward concept where your website keyword SEO ranking gets better as your number of backlinks increases and your text content is targeted towards those keywords.

Recently, we here at BlindMonkeyMedia acquired a new client,, which is an all-inclusive ski resort in Austria in the mountain region of Tirol.

Doing their SEO is not a big deal since it´s what we do. The challenge, however, is that the SEO keywords and the website itself is in a foreign language. German to be more exact.

Thus, targeting keywords for SEO purposes in a different language does pose a challenge. For example, one of the target keywords is “skiurlaub tirol“. A German word that translates into “Ski holiday in Tirol”.

Building backlinks to the website is ...

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Forget Whistling… Play Poker While You Work!

When I hang out with my friends or visit family, I always get the same reaction, “You get to work from home? You’re so lucky!”

Well, yes, I suppose I am. Living in Cleveland, Ohio, there are hundreds of reasons why working from the comforts of my own home would be considered “lucky” by most accounts. Many of those reasons involve the weather. Plus, I don’t have to deal with travel, office politics or sick days. Did I mention the weather?

But at the same time it is still work, especially working for a new company (Blind Monkey Media). I don’t lounge around watching TV all day, I sit in front of my computer like any other white-collar worker and put in my time. And that is where the two disadvantages of working from home lies: boredom and loneliness...

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