paris sportif virtuel en Afrique

paris sportifs virtuel en Afrique

paris sportifs virtuel en Afrique

A couple of months ago we picked up a new client which was outside our normal marketing parameter but since they can with a recommendation from one of our previous clients, we decided to take on this new challenge.

Thislatest client is a company that specializes in paris sportif virtuel which has been around in Europe for the past decade and is somewhat new in Africa and the United States.

Paris Sportifs Virtuel or Virtual Sports Betting is a combination between casino slot machines and normal sports betting as you bet on sports but it is a virtual game, race or match as the winner is determined by a mathematical algorithm much like a slot machine.

This is a marketing project that ha a great product and are proud to be apart of it.  The challenges to this new endeavor include the SEO which must be done in french.  This is not too much of a problem since we have several people in our company that speak french fluently.

The hardest part is to  get into the french speaking African mind to see what they want and how to attract them to this product.  Unlike advertising sports betting and a new type of sports betting platform in the North America and Europe, the stakes in French speaking Africa are much smaller so the ROI will take longer to achieve.

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