Opportunity Analysis for a Bookie Business

Opportunity Analysis for a Bookie Business

Growth opportunities are always available for a bookie business. As a bookie, you have the chance to gain more players or add more betting options. The choice you make depends on several factors. Also, it involves a process called opportunity analysis.

Your bookie business has many opportunities. By using opportunity analysis, you can make the right choice and improve the profits of your sportsbook. For instance, the boom of sports betting in the US provides a lot of opportunities for local bookies.

The sports betting boom affects a lot of sectors, not just the gambling industry. As a result, many businesses can profit from a single opportunity. This is how an opportunity analysis works. Be sure to continue reading our marketing tutorial to learn more about this process.

Benefits of Opport...

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Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

One of the common questions we get from bookies ask us is how to attract pay per head players to their platforms? Marketing a sportsbook means trying to position your business on top in a very competitive industry.

It is important to have a marketing strategy that prioritizes getting new customers, keeping existing players, and encouraging non-active players to start betting once again. In fact, customer retention has the same value as customer acquisition.

Most sportsbook pay per head operators have little to no money to spend on marketing. However, it is important to have a marketing budget when starting a bookie business. Without a marketing plan, it is difficult to attract and retain players.

Strategies to Attract and Retain Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head PlayersThere’s no cookie-cutter mark...

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BlindMonkeyMedia 2017 Recap

blindmonkeymedia 2017 recap

2017 was another good year for BlindMonkeyMedia.com.  We reached our target goals, picked up a few more clients and got a new partner.  2016 had been a rough year for us which is why we had decided to use a different strategy for 2017.

The new strategy paid off…

One of the main strategy was to get rid of some of our online holdings that were not paying off and were a rain on our resources.  This ended up in selling off 5 of our websites.  On the other hand, we placed more efforts in the affiliate programs we were enrolled into maximize our passive revenue.

We thus acquired a few different brands and partnered with one of the best sports handicapping website in the business.

In terms of clients, we did well with several small accounts and a few  large and long term accounts.

New Client...

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paris sportif virtuel en Afrique

paris sportifs virtuel en Afrique

paris sportifs virtuel en Afrique

A couple of months ago we picked up a new client which was outside our normal marketing parameter but since they can with a recommendation from one of our previous clients, we decided to take on this new challenge.

Thislatest client is a company that specializes in paris sportif virtuel which has been around in Europe for the past decade and is somewhat new in Africa and the United States.

Paris Sportifs Virtuel or Virtual Sports Betting is a combination between casino slot machines and normal sports betting as you bet on sports but it is a virtual game, race or match as the winner is determined by a mathematical algorithm much like a slot machine.

This is a marketing project that ha a great product and are proud to be apart of it...

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Taco Bell’s Got a New Logo – Good, Bad and Why?

As an online marketing company based out of Costa Rica, we are always interested when a large corporation makes a large change and this is one of them.

Taco Bell just released their new logo which according to their press release was to refresh their brand and coincides with the opening of their 7,000th restaurant which just opened on the Las Vegas strip, home of casinos and sports betting.  This new flagship restaurant is supposed to be their “ultimate expression of the Taco Bell brand, and lifestyle.”

Now that you have seen their new logo, the question that begs to be answered is exactly what that expression and lifestyle is supposed to be.  This new logo has simplified the old one which was introduced to the public back in 1995.

We can’t say that we think much of the new logo as t...

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