Review of Online Business Social Networking Communities

Today I thought that I would give you some reviews of online business social networking communities that did not make the cut in our book in terms of a quality business social networking sites. – This business Social networking community has a great setup that must have been taken from MySpace or Facebook.

The layout is very user friendly but don’t expect to make any valuable connections on that network.

The website is crawling with spam and self-promotion. All forums, groups and articles are just spam ads and the only articles worth reading come from RSS feeds from websites like businessWeek, NYtimes and such.

The site itself has a lot of potential such as the concept of getting free front page advertisement if the member earns enough points.

If it was not for all of the spam and self-promotion, this social networking community could become huge. As it currently stands, no professional would want to join this site but we will be keeping a close eye on that site and of all of the sites that did not make the cut, this one has the most potential to be a future great business community networking site. – launched in 2004 as a business social networking site. The layout of the site is ok but to be honest, it’s only good if you are into these multi-level marketing schemes. I do wonder how anyone makes money off that site since all members are marketing to each other similar products.

All we can say is that for now, stick to the most popular business social networking site like and. These sites are popular for a reason.