When we first created our online marketing company, we made our website in a matter of days, which is why it was never very attractive and did not get us high conversion rates. We were in need of a website at the time, and due to the large number of clients, we were not able to create a high quality website.

Now, that we have hired new people to help us with our clients, we are finally able to work on redesigning our website to for a higher visitor-to-client conversion rate.

Redesigning a website for higher conversions is not an easy task because a balance must be achieved to keep our SEO rating up and at the same time make the website attractive and professional enough to get our visitors interested in using our marketing and website services.

Here are the key points to focus on when redesigning a website:

  1. What kind of clients are we looking for? – If we where only a website and graphic design company, then we would have a state-of-the-art website with cool graphics. Since we are more than that, we have to keep a professional look to our website.
  2. SEO Integration – Since we have a small marketing budget, we have to focus more on SEO than a regular company. Thus, we have to keep enough room on the website for text content.
  3. Friendly Navigation – Naviagation is important not just because it allows visitors to find what they want, but also because with the proper navigation menu you can actually direct where you want your visitors to go.
  4. Call to Action – We want our visitors to use our services. To do that, we need to have clear ways for them to see what we offer and how to use our services.
  5. Cosmetics of the Website – You can´t read a book by its cover, but first-time opinion is what makes the difference between a bounce and a client. Basically, the website has to look good.
  6. Easy Readability – This has to do with the font size and the font type. You want visitors to be able to easily read the content of the website yet still keep a professional look to it.

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Having taken all of the above website redesign key points, we are hoping that by next week, our new website will be ready for business.

Last month, our conversion rate was 1.26%. We are hoping to increase our conversion rate with the new website redesign to around 5.25%, which will let us know that the redesign of our website was a success. We will update you in a month as to whether we keep the new design or go back to the drawing board.