Forget Whistling… Play Poker While You Work!

When I hang out with my friends or visit family, I always get the same reaction, “You get to work from home? You’re so lucky!”

Well, yes, I suppose I am. Living in Cleveland, Ohio, there are hundreds of reasons why working from the comforts of my own home would be considered “lucky” by most accounts. Many of those reasons involve the weather. Plus, I don’t have to deal with travel, office politics or sick days. Did I mention the weather?

But at the same time it is still work, especially working for a new company (Blind Monkey Media). I don’t lounge around watching TV all day, I sit in front of my computer like any other white-collar worker and put in my time. And that is where the two disadvantages of working from home lies: boredom and loneliness. And while I can’t really change the fact that I’m alone all day, I can do something about the boredom.

Internet Poker! It’s the perfect distraction from an otherwise monotonous work day. There is a wide selection of places to play for free online. I use Poker Stars. There a ton of people online, and they offer free tournaments just about every hour.

Working on SEO Keyword Research and SEO Website Analysis isn’t the most exciting job, but when done right, it’s very rewarding. So, by mixing in a little poker, I still get my work done, have a little fun, and rarely get the itch to step away from my desk.

I guess my friends are right, I am lucky to work from home!