Introducing Sportradar Marketing Service for Betting

Introducing Sportradar Marketing Service for Betting

Last year, Sportradar introduced ad:s, which is a full-service marketing solution for businesses involved in sports betting. Many bookies used the Sportradar marketing service and are happy with it.

Over the past year, the company focused on developing its Marketing Cloud, which is an essential factor of the ad:s service. It is what makes the marketing service stand out from its competitors. The Marketing Cloud is a platform that provides easy management of marketing campaigns through a single dashboard.

Also, Sportradar prioritized the evaluation, execution, and education of operators to come up with cost-efficient marketing strategies. It provides customer insights through the Data Management Platform, Sports Calendar API, Tag Manager, and other features.

Sportradar Marketing Service

Introducing Sportradar Marketing Service for BettingSportradar promotes its service as a scalable and flexible marketing solution. That way, operators get the most out of their marketing budgets. The company used advanced technology to provide accurate data through its ad:s service.

Bookie software solution users can utilize the service to find insights on their target market based on the level of engagement towards a specific league, team, or sport. Also, it can provide information on whether individuals will bet on sports or not.

The Demand Side Platform serves ads to target customers in the most efficient manner. Sportsbook operators can send out their messages to specific demographics by purchasing direct media from an exclusive inventory pool.

Sportsbook pay per head operators can use the marketing service to attract more players without wasting money. It uses a Sportradar insights content engine that can serve high-performing conversion units when needed.

Based on marketing news reports, it has more than 70 clients in 40 countries. Sportradar will continue to improve its marketing cloud to make it more efficient in the future. The company will focus on data intelligence, advanced technology, better user experience, and scalability of the service.