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Forget Whistling… Play Poker While You Work!

When I hang out with my friends or visit family, I always get the same reaction, “You get to work from home? You’re so lucky!”

Well, yes, I suppose I am. Living in Cleveland, Ohio, there are hundreds of reasons why working from the comforts of my own home would be considered “lucky” by most accounts. Many of those reasons involve the weather. Plus, I don’t have to deal with travel, office politics or sick days. Did I mention the weather?

But at the same time it is still work, especially working for a new company (Blind Monkey Media). I don’t lounge around watching TV all day, I sit in front of my computer like any other white-collar worker and put in my time. And that is where the two disadvantages of working from home lies: boredom and loneliness...

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Demystifying Photography

I’m working hard on the BlindMonkeyMedia website, as well as a few other projects, but in my spare time I really enjoy photography.

When my friends see the pictures I take, they quite often exclaim that they should buy a camera similar to the one I’m using. My first instinct is to chuckle.

You see, quality image is not all about gear. You may have the fanciest of the fanciest cameras, but if you don’t know squat about how to use it or how to light your photo then it doesn’t matter.

So does this mean that the latest point-and-shoot cameras will do? Of course they will.  Most professional photographers scoff at point-and-shoots as if they are toys, but don’t mind them.

The only issue with point-and-shoot is the flash...

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The Importance of Quality SEO Services

Everyone knows that high rankings on search engines are a sure-fire way to generate traffic to a website. But not everyone knows how to achieve the coveted spots on those search engines. That is where the importance of quality SEO services is key.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a difficult skill to master. It is also very time consuming, and at time can be a bit frustrating. However, when a website is fully optimized, the return on investment is immediate and overwhelmingly gratifying.

It’s no wonder, then, that websites of all sizes enlist the services of web marketing consultants to help them with their search engine rankings. And I’m proud to member of BlindMonkeyMedia, a company whose sole purpose is to help other companies gain more traffic, and therefore, more business.


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BlindMonkeyMedia Online Marketing Website Update

This past week, our group of blind monkeys have been working our butts off on the BMM (BlindMonkeyMedia) website. We have been adding forms, and a ton text as well as we have began our SEO work for the website.

As a new online marketing company, it is essential that we prove to potential clients that we don’t just preach about how great our services are, but also be able to show them what we do. Hopefully our website will be completely done in a few weeks, and we expect to see our SEO results sometime in February of 2009.

On a good note, we have already began to receive traffic from our marketing and SEO efforts, and have even landed a client here and there!

On a totally unrelated note, here is a fun article about internet marketing consultants, which describes the whole job description ...

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Costa Rica property website research

I’m doing some research about Costa Rica—landmarks, flora and fauna for a real estate website. Great place.

I hope the client likes the design when they see it.

Have a great week, people!


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