Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

One of the common questions we get from bookies ask us is how to attract pay per head players to their platforms? Marketing a sportsbook means trying to position your business on top in a very competitive industry.

It is important to have a marketing strategy that prioritizes getting new customers, keeping existing players, and encouraging non-active players to start betting once again. In fact, customer retention has the same value as customer acquisition.

Most sportsbook pay per head operators have little to no money to spend on marketing. However, it is important to have a marketing budget when starting a bookie business. Without a marketing plan, it is difficult to attract and retain players.

Strategies to Attract and Retain Sportsbook Pay Per Head Players

Attracting and Keeping Sportsbook Pay Per Head PlayersThere’s no cookie-cutter marketing plan for an online sportsbook. Its content depends on the type of market you are aiming for and their needs. Here are some of the common marketing strategies used by bookie pay per head operators.

1. In-Game Events

One way to retain players and keep them active week after week is to offer them rewards for completing milestones. As a result, it will encourage your players to keep playing. For instance, you can have seasonal events or offer daily bonuses that increase in value over time.

2. Promos

There are several promos that you can offer to your new and existing players. Some of them include free bets, cashback promos, loyalty points, and bonuses. Many players check various pay per head solution sites to find the one that offers the best deals. That’s why you should create promos that can help you stay competitive in the industry.

When engaged in online marketing, make sure you avoid using spam of any kind. Also, don’t use any black hat SEO techniques. You might end up losing players instead of getting new ones.