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Costa Rica Real Estate: Cleveland Winter vs. Costa Rica Summer

Having lived in both Cleveland, Ohio and San Jose, Costa Rica, I’ve seen it all when it comes to weather. Unfortunately, I’m currently experiencing the Cleveland winter.

While doing some SEO work for a Costa Rica Real Estate website, I realized how much I miss living in Costa Rica. Not only because of the great weather (however, that’s a HUGE factor, especially when wiping snow of my car), but because of the stress-free environment.

Using SEO keywords such as “Costa Rica Beachfront Property” can’t help but bring back memories of hanging out at the beach for a weekend or seeing the ocean. And I never did get used to low cost of living.

But, family comes first, and alas, they are here in cold, snowy Cleveland...

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BlindMonkeyMedia Unveils New Look This Week

It’s been a good week for us here at BlindMonkeyMedia, with our all of our hard work beginning to show. Our website got a new look this week, and while it’s not 100% finished yet, we are proud of the early results and are even more motivated now to make this company successful.

We also finished our BlindMonkeyMedia Forum section, where our visitors can discuss anything related to online marketing, SEO, or Website Design. We look forward to communicating with all of you personally, and to share new ideas in this industry.

The big news this week was the unveiling of our new service: How to Own a Sportsbook in Costa Rica...

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