Blog Comments SEO Strategy

In the last few months, I have noticed an increase in people leaving spam comments in this blog and a few other blogs that we manage for clients. Here are my thoughts on this.

As an SEO strategy, posting in blog post is 99% of the time ineffective as most blogs have their post set so that all links in the comments area are nofollow. Unless you are trying to get SEO ranking on websites that do not care about that tag then its pretty useless in getting SEO rank.

If you still intend on working the blog comment seo strategy then first do a nofollow check and then, write an actual comment. If you just add a keyword to the blog post and a link to a sex website or a viagra site, its too obvious and its going to get deleted.

If you leave a generic comment like “nice post and check out my site at …...

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Online Marketing Services for Donations

BlindMonkeyMedia has just started a new experimental program called, free online marketing services for donations. This new service is meant to help out people in Costa Rica that are unemployed, students or people wanting to learn about the marketing industry.

We started this free online marketing service because we were getting an influx of emails from people that were looking for a job or an internship.

No offense to anyone, but we were hearing a lot of sob stories about how difficult it was to find a job in the online marketing industry due to the current economy.

As much as we wanted to help out and give everyone a job or an internship, our budget would not allow for it which is why we started this program that offers:

  • Free online marketing
  • Free website design services
  • Free SEO serive...
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Jobs in Costa Rica

We often get a few requests every week from talented and not as talented individuals looking for a job in Costa Rica. Much as we would love to be able to hire everyone that drops off a resume with us, we are not always able to do so for several reasons like they do not qualify, we do not have any job opening at the moment and so on…

Find a Job in Costa Rica

Since one of our client is a large company that is always hiring, we though that we would give the word around about a job fair that will be taking place on October 1, 2009 in the AM at the Centro Cultural in San Jose. (We know because we will be doing their job fair material.)

So for all of you looking for a call center job in Costa Rica, make sure to check out the job fair or you could simply just go to http://www.datascension...

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Skiurlaub Tirol SEO Job is done

After a long 6 month of work, we are finally done with the skiurlaub Tirol keyword project.  We had originally thought thatthi contract would only take 2 to 3 months to complete however, we forgot to factor in that the site was brand new.

Next time, we won’t make that mistake.

So check it out the client’s site by going here skiurlaub tirol

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The Search for Quality SEO Services is on the Rise!!!

Wow, this month has been incredibly busy a BlindMonkeyMedia. We are trying to finish up several projects and new ones keep coming. Mostly people looking for Quality SEO Services.

Its funny how most of our new clients looking for SEO services are telling me that they have been burned by several SEO companies. Its good because it allows us to give them real quality seo services but its tough because it gives the SEO industry a bad name and it makes them more cautious even with us.

Its interesting that none of them really did any research when hiring an SEO company. Once again, whether you go with our internet marketing consulting company for your SEO services, never forget to study up on SEO and check out their references and work before choosing one.

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