New Addition to the Website

blog_online_directory-300x165We have just added an online resources directory to the BlindMonkeyMedia website in order to keep up with the demand for link exchanges. Yes, our webmasters were getting a bit stressed with the demand for people wanting a link exchange so we thought we would just make it on everyone and us.

Our online resources directory is a nice little joomla component that allows users to add details about their company and the nice thing is that the links you add to it are dofollow to also help with your SEO ranking and you are able to add meta tags and images to your directory listing. The only thing we ask in return is that you give us a reciprocal link.

The directory is currently still in Beta stage as we are still trying to figure out what people are looking for in a directory, still adding categor...

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Block Blog Spam Comment Post – Popular Spam Terms

For anyone that has a website, blog or forum that is tired of receiving hundreds of spam comments in the blog, this post is for you. Like the rest of you, we do have a large amount of spam that gets caught in our filter(We used to have to sort through about 3000 spam comments a month and now we are down to only 100 a month! ) which is great but when one day, you decide to sort all of the comments from you filter, it does take an hour or two to do it which is time that could be used for better things.

The funny thing about this is that most blogs use a “nofollow” tag on all blog comments which does not help their SEO. So the spammers are either morons or they are just hoping that your blog gets a lot of traffic and hope someone will click on their link.

The annoying part is that it if y...

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How Not to Get Hired

A few day ago, we posted a few ads for a content writing position and we received many responses.  Some were excellent and others were not very good.

This brings me to the point of this blog entry.  How can people expect to get hired for a job if they don’t even put any efforts into applying for a job or even follow directions.

Let me give you an example.  This is what one person sent us:


I am a twenty-four year old Advanced University Student of English language and literature. I’ve been fond of writing for the past seven or more years and am apt at the skill...

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Looking for a Writer

BlindMonkeyMedia is currently looking for a new member to join our team as a writer.

We are looking for someone who can write on demand on any subject thrown at him and that can provide us with the content needed within 6hours after the request has been made(obviously, if you receive an email at 11pm we dont expect it to get it then!)

The job is a contract job that can turn into a full time job for the right candidate and for the first month, you will be asked to provide 5 to 10 articles of 500 words per week at the rate of $0.03 cent per word.

If you are interested, please email

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SEO Backlink Tips

As my team of SEO experts create quality and valuable backlinks for our clients, we noticed a trend which is concerns us in terms of the SEO industry as the backlinks that other people create are very poor in quality and have no ranking value.

We usually would not be giving out SEO back link tips but as SEO companies create bad and useless backlinks, this effects the whole industry and makes the SEO industry look like a bunch of charlatans and ripp-off artists.

SEO companies have to realize that they have a responsibility when it comes to providing SEO services as our actions is what defines us a good industry or as a bad one.

Its difficult enough getting clients that are willing to pay our rates but it makes it 100 times harder to convince a potential client to use your SEO services when ...

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