Costa Rica property website research

I’m doing some research about Costa Rica—landmarks, flora and fauna for a real estate website. Great place.

I hope the client likes the design when they see it.

Have a great week, people!


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The Start of BlindMonkeyMedia

bmm_news_logoBlindMonkeyMedia started out as an idea by a group of very talented individuals who excelled continuously in their chosen field of expertise. As any start up company, our talent got us very far in our respective job but we got tired of working for another company. The red tape, the office policies, and the lack of care for customers just didn´t fit what we were looking to build and create.

We wanted to work for a simple company where customers asked for something and if it was within our power we would do it. No hassle just straight business with excellent customer care.

The solution was easy, let´s start our own business and there you have it, the creation of BlindMonkeyMedia where we offer quality Service that gets our clients an excellent Return on Investment and more at a fair price.

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