BlindMonkeyMedia Just Partenered with

And so, after being in business for less than 4 months, BlindMonkeyMedia is having to expand due to the high volume of demands.

this past month has been very busy for our Company since the number of work request has increased tremendously. Due to this, we are not able to take on all of the request and we actually had to charge higher rates in order to filter out the requests.

This led to us partnering with, a company that offers, Diseño grafico costa rica or graphic design in Costa Rica We have known the owner of that company for a few years and we chose him as a partner to take on some of the graphic and website design workload off of our shoulder because he makes excellent work in a timely manner.

At the moment, we are handling the SEO work demand load but we are sti...

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Yeah, Google Just Did a page Rank Update

Looks like Google just did a page rank update last night. Nice to know that all of our hard work paid off and after 3 months of work we now have a google page rank of 3!

Next update should be in about 4 months and our goal is to get a pange ranking of 5!!!

Wish us luck

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I think We Angered MSN Live Search

Today I was making the BlindMonkeyMedia SEO report when I noticed a trend. We pretty much increased in ranking for all of our target keyword On, and Yahoo.

Actually, we own the 95% of all of our keywords for the Costa Rica Market where we rank in the top 5 for all of our keywords except for 3 keywords and out of those 3 keywords we rank in the top 2.

On the MSN side however, we have lost our ranking big time. Meaning going from the first SERP to not ranking at all. I am assuming MSN Live Search saw this post, and got pissed at us.

So I just want to say, Sorry MSN Live Search. We didn’t mean to insult you. We were just stating historical facts...

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New Jersey Seeks Legal Online Sports Betting

If you’ve been to Las Vegas lately (I went there in August for my honeymoon), then you know how bad the casino industry is doing right now. It’s the same in Atlantic City, and now lawmakers there are trying to overturn the online gambling ban in the courts.

The lawsuit seeks to allow all 50 states legal access to online gaming, which would of course be subject to tax.

Those close to the online gaming industry know that online sports betting, as well as online poker and online casino games, would bring in huge revenues to the US government, especially in a time when government is trying new raise to improve revenue.

While not expected to change, hopefully this lawsuit will remind people what type of revenue source online gaming is...

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MSN Live Search Finally Got its Head out of its Ass

It looks live, which is the MSN Search Engine, finally decided to get their head out of their ass and include our website in its search inclusion.

That is one thing about the MSN Search Engine that is very unusual, especially considering who owns it. Why is that search engine so slow at picking up new websites and page upgrades or additions? You would think that having the mighty Microsoft power and resources behind it that it could at least own 40% or more of all internet searches instead of just a bit over 17%.

I am currently writing a nifty little article about it so make sure to come and check out our marketing articles pages after March 15th at:

In the meanwhile, here is what MSN Live Search had to sa...

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