SEO in a Foreign Language

SEO is a fairly straight forward concept where your website keyword SEO ranking gets better as your number of backlinks increases and your text content is targeted towards those keywords.

Recently, we here at BlindMonkeyMedia acquired a new client,, which is an all-inclusive ski resort in Austria in the mountain region of Tirol.

Doing their SEO is not a big deal since it´s what we do. The challenge, however, is that the SEO keywords and the website itself is in a foreign language. German to be more exact.

Thus, targeting keywords for SEO purposes in a different language does pose a challenge. For example, one of the target keywords is “skiurlaub tirol“. A German word that translates into “Ski holiday in Tirol”.

Building backlinks to the website is the easy part. The difficult task is building the text content and the meta tags since it has to be done in German.

The website text content problem is solved with their bilingual staff.

The meta tag content is a different story, since you have a minimum and maximum number of characters for the meta tags. This problem can be solved using the Google translator first to grasp a general idea of how many charcaters the translaton will have and the positioning of the keywords, and afterwards we will have the bilingual staff review the translation.

All in all this job posed a challenge, but with a little creativity and common sense, the challenge was overcome.