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Block Blog Spam Comment Post – Popular Spam Terms

For anyone that has a website, blog or forum that is tired of receiving hundreds of spam comments in the blog, this post is for you. Like the rest of you, we do have a large amount of spam that gets caught in our filter(We used to have to sort through about 3000 spam comments a month and now we are down to only 100 a month! ) which is great but when one day, you decide to sort all of the comments from you filter, it does take an hour or two to do it which is time that could be used for better things.

The funny thing about this is that most blogs use a “nofollow” tag on all blog comments which does not help their SEO. So the spammers are either morons or they are just hoping that your blog gets a lot of traffic and hope someone will click on their link.

The annoying part is that it if y...

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Adding an Internet Store to Your Business

Many companies are now choosing to either ad internet sales as part of their repertoir or simply close all of their stores and only sell products on the internet.

The reasons for businesses going that route are varied from the company going bankrupt and closing all of its physical locations, making it a part of their business plan to increase their sales revenue or because its just cheaper then having a physical store.

For example, I recently read an article on MSN News about Woolworths being revived from the grave by its new owners by selling its products on the internet. That is a classic case which perhaps could have been avoided or at least delayed had it had a larger presence on the internet to start with...

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Demystifying Photography

I’m working hard on the BlindMonkeyMedia website, as well as a few other projects, but in my spare time I really enjoy photography.

When my friends see the pictures I take, they quite often exclaim that they should buy a camera similar to the one I’m using. My first instinct is to chuckle.

You see, quality image is not all about gear. You may have the fanciest of the fanciest cameras, but if you don’t know squat about how to use it or how to light your photo then it doesn’t matter.

So does this mean that the latest point-and-shoot cameras will do? Of course they will.  Most professional photographers scoff at point-and-shoots as if they are toys, but don’t mind them.

The only issue with point-and-shoot is the flash...

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BlindMonkeyMedia Online Marketing Website Update

This past week, our group of blind monkeys have been working our butts off on the BMM (BlindMonkeyMedia) website. We have been adding forms, and a ton text as well as we have began our SEO work for the website.

As a new online marketing company, it is essential that we prove to potential clients that we don’t just preach about how great our services are, but also be able to show them what we do. Hopefully our website will be completely done in a few weeks, and we expect to see our SEO results sometime in February of 2009.

On a good note, we have already began to receive traffic from our marketing and SEO efforts, and have even landed a client here and there!

On a totally unrelated note, here is a fun article about internet marketing consultants, which describes the whole job description ...

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The Start of BlindMonkeyMedia

bmm_news_logoBlindMonkeyMedia started out as an idea by a group of very talented individuals who excelled continuously in their chosen field of expertise. As any start up company, our talent got us very far in our respective job but we got tired of working for another company. The red tape, the office policies, and the lack of care for customers just didn´t fit what we were looking to build and create.

We wanted to work for a simple company where customers asked for something and if it was within our power we would do it. No hassle just straight business with excellent customer care.

The solution was easy, let´s start our own business and there you have it, the creation of BlindMonkeyMedia where we offer quality Service that gets our clients an excellent Return on Investment and more at a fair price.

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