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Is an Overwhelming Amount of Work Good or Bad?

As stated in the preivous post, the month of May was a very busy month for us. In fact, it was so busy that we are now at crossroad where a decision needs to be made.

The choices are:

Hire more people – Something we are doing but unfortunately finding young and motivated people is very hard to find.

Inreases our Prices – This solution would weed out the clients but if we did that, we would no longer be as cost-effective as we want.

Reject Contracts – If we did that, we would no longer be overwhelmed but it would mean less money.

Sub-Contract the Work – One option but the problem with sub-contracting is that the quality of the work can go down and will reflet on us.

The point is that business is good...

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Comment Guidelines in This Blog

Here at BlindMonkeyMedia, we are proud that our blog has caught the interest of many. As our blog gets more popular many people love to leave comments and add their website url to their comments.

This is great and we love to visit the website of our visitors. However, I just want to let everyone know that they are some websites we will not accept in the comment sections and these are:

  • Porn Sites
  • Sites that have no real content and are just used for advertising/spamming purposes

Any other site is welcome. Even our competitor’s website is welcome since there is plenty of marketing work for all businesses.

Of course, keep in mind that your comment must be relevant. A simple, “nice site” is not enough for your comment to be accepted.

Cheers and good commenting!

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Targeting Keywords for a Higher Conversion Rate

So far the month of May has been very busy at BlindMonkeyMedia. In our marketing efforts to gain a higher conversion rate we have stopped targeting general marketing and SEO keywords and begun our efforts to focus our attention on very target specific keywords for each corresponding page.

Our hard work has paid off.

Our number of online marketing services and our Quality SEO services inquiries have double even though our website traffic has decreased by 50%.

If we were a site making money off of Google Adwords for example we would have suffered greatly but since we offer an actual service this is exactly what we were loooking for.

The moral of the story is target the right keywords to gain targeted traffic to your website if you want to get a higher inquiry and conversion rate.

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Review of Online Business Social Networking Communities

Today I thought that I would give you some reviews of online business social networking communities that did not make the cut in our book in terms of a quality business social networking sites. – This business Social networking community has a great setup that must have been taken from MySpace or Facebook.

The layout is very user friendly but don’t expect to make any valuable connections on that network.

The website is crawling with spam and self-promotion. All forums, groups and articles are just spam ads and the only articles worth reading come from RSS feeds from websites like businessWeek, NYtimes and such.

The site itself has a lot of potential such as the concept of getting free front page advertisement if the member earns enough points.

If it was not for all of ...

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Online Marketing Rants

Online Marketing is one of the most powerful and cost efficient marketing tool out there. It can bring your company success or it can take you company down.

First off, Do not Lie on your website or in your emails. Your company and website are an open book in the internet. If you want to take your company down the drain than by all mean lies but sooner or later you will be caught. Continue reading for more information:

Our company receives about 5 to 6 proposals every day ranging from link exchange, to those Spam emails offering to do our SEO and to people wanting to use their services to outsource our services.

My first complaint is not that they are spamming me but rather that the content of their email suck.

Let us start with Emails offering their services to BlindMonkeyMedia

First off, ...

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