Website Design Work in Costa Rica Update

Here is a quick update to fill up space about the work we have been doing lately in relation to Website Design in Costa Rica.

quequeque-150x150The Que Magazine Costa Rica website is done and live. If you like to read interesting, funny and witty articles than this is one site you need to check out. For this site, we used a Joomla template and added so many features to it that we don’t remember them all.

In other news, we have a couple of project we are currently working on which involves an electronic cigarette website for Costa Rica.

This last one is a bit of a surprise as it relates to the online sports betting industry. Don’t get us wrong, we usually get our fair share of requests from them but I am just mentioning it because its is a bit early in the game to be receiving requests now when it usually does not happen until mid-June.

We are certainly hoping that this is a good sign for us!