Online Marketing Rants

Online Marketing is one of the most powerful and cost efficient marketing tool out there. It can bring your company success or it can take you company down.

First off, Do not Lie on your website or in your emails. Your company and website are an open book in the internet. If you want to take your company down the drain than by all mean lies but sooner or later you will be caught. Continue reading for more information:

Our company receives about 5 to 6 proposals every day ranging from link exchange, to those Spam emails offering to do our SEO and to people wanting to use their services to outsource our services.

My first complaint is not that they are spamming me but rather that the content of their email suck.

Let us start with Emails offering their services to BlindMonkeyMedia

First off, the email address used to contact us. If you are trying to make business with me, why are you using a gmail account to spam me? That in itself is suspicious.

Second, your website looks like a 5th grader made it and only has 10 pages to it. Come on, people, if you are going to Spam me, at least make it look real. How in the world do you expect me to use your services if your website sucks.

Do your research and once again DO NOT LIE. Today, I received an email from this company called, asking to exchange links with me. Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Do your research, why would I exchange links with a website that offers the same services that I do?
  • DO NOT LIE. Don’t have fake testimonials where people are raving about using your services for 4 years even though a quick search lets us know that your website has only been around for 1 month.
  • For an SEO company, you should know that link exchange is dead.
  • Don’t charge outrageous prices to a company located in a third world country. Especially when you are charging $2,000 to $3,400 a month for local keywords that are attainable within a few weeks by just doing on-site SEO.
  • Your parent company has the reputation for spamming, and bad link exchange request.

Don’t want to be a jerk about it but its just plain stupid.

Third, if you are going to ask our company to use your outsourcing services but refuse to send a list of actual references and clam up once asked, you must be a phishing for suckers.

I think that my company will begin a webpage with every company that spam’s out site to warn people about you jerks.

It will also include people that spam this blog. I do not mind accepting your comments and even including your website url if they are actual comments.

I do mind if you are so lazy that you just copy and paste a messages on my blog that has nothing to do with the blog entry itself. All of you people doing that, your IP address has been recorded and you have been banned from all of my client’s websites by the way.

To end this post, all of you black hat marketers and SEO companies, phishers and spammers out there, you are the reason why internet marketing consultants have a bad reputation.