New Jersey Seeks Legal Online Sports Betting

If you’ve been to Las Vegas lately (I went there in August for my honeymoon), then you know how bad the casino industry is doing right now. It’s the same in Atlantic City, and now lawmakers there are trying to overturn the online gambling ban in the courts.

The lawsuit seeks to allow all 50 states legal access to online gaming, which would of course be subject to tax.

Those close to the online gaming industry know that online sports betting, as well as online poker and online casino games, would bring in huge revenues to the US government, especially in a time when government is trying new raise to improve revenue.

While not expected to change, hopefully this lawsuit will remind people what type of revenue source online gaming is. High estimates have US players betting nearly 400 billion dollars per year. And while many critics argue that gambling is “morally wrong,” many of those same people are currently involved in March Madness office pools right this minute.

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